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Changchun Cedar Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

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Cedar Electronics COB small-pitch LED display solution ISE 2018 stunning appearance!

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 On February 6-9, 2018, the world's largest professional audio-visual integrated equipment exhibition - European International Audio-visual and System Integration Exhibition (ISE 2018) was grandly opened at the RAI International Exhibition Center in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. A total of 1,296 exhibitors, the number of exhibitors has reached an amazing 80,923 people. Changchun Cedar Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. took COB small-pitch LED display products and made a debut.

希达电子COB小间距LED显示解决方案ISE 2018惊艳登场!

 Cedar Electronics (Booth No. 15-C200) is the industry's first professional manufacturer of COB (chip-on-board) LED display products, a professional COB small-pitch LED solution supplier, and the national “13th Five-Year” research project – The leader of the small-pitch LED display project, the only company in the industry to achieve mass production of COB LED display products, with the new generation WS series 16:9 COB small-pitch LED display products and WTV series full HD standard products wonderful appearance. An unprecedented discovery journey for the exhibitors has inspired the infinite business inspiration of the exhibitors.

希达电子COB小间距LED显示解决方案ISE 2018惊艳登场!

ISE Cedar Electronics Booth

 During the exhibition, exhibitors from all over the world were all impressed by the excellent surface light source display performance, strong surface protection capability and high quality stability of the Hida COB display products, and came to the booth experience and negotiation. The staff has always communicated with customers with full enthusiasm and serious attitude. When customers understand the advantages of various products, they have shown strong cooperation enthusiasm. The highlights of this exhibition are many highlights. It has been highly praised and highly regarded by international customers.

希达电子COB小间距LED显示解决方案ISE 2018惊艳登场!

 Cedar WS series video video wall

 With the increasing application of small-pitch LED displays, the technical bottleneck of surface-mount display products is becoming more and more obvious. Hida COB small-pitch products change the traditional display lamp beads with fragile, clean and maintenance with its superior protection level (IP54). The difficult status quo, supplemented by nearly one-million pixel out-of-control rate, explains the advantages of COB products in terms of heat dissipation and protection. More and more applications are in monitoring and commanding, video conferencing, broadcasting and television media, cinemas and other fields. With the accumulation of strong technology and experience, this year's HI series of COB products adopts the mainstream 16:9 ratio, which can easily achieve 2K/4K/8K resolution, making perfect picture restoration possible.

希达电子COB小间距LED显示解决方案ISE 2018惊艳登场!

  Cedar WTV Series System Screen

 The WTV series of standard screens on display are based on the latest WS series COB display products from Hida. The screen size covers 97 inches to 138 inches, and all of them can achieve 1920*1080P full HD resolution. The brightness and consistency of the screen are high and soft. No seams, high product reliability, exquisite structure, is the industry's first standard screen product that can integrate 3D display function and touch control function, and can be applied to education, medical, high-end business meetings and other fields. After the appearance, the eyeballs were absorbed, and four sets of sales orders were seized during the exhibition.

希达电子COB小间距LED显示解决方案ISE 2018惊艳登场!

  In 2018, when COB was about to form a prairie, in the 2018 years when various COB prototypes sprang up, Hida Electronics has been the industry leader in COB small-pitch LED display products for more than ten years. Product design, production and sales experience, Hida COB products market share in the world.

 With the tenet of “Technology Innovation, Service First”, Xida Electronics will transform and display high-tech national technology of many research institutes of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and its affiliates to create cutting-edge LED display and lighting products, and provide customers with high-quality LED display. Integrated lighting solutions. As the only LED research and production enterprise in Northeast China, Xida Electronics is facing the whole country. The Xida brand LED display and lighting products are famous brand products of Jilin. It is a bright business card showing the Chinese LED industry to the world.

 2018, Hida Electronics will bring more surprises to the LED industry with its strong technology precipitation and forward-looking layout!

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  Cedar Electronics Booth No.: 9.2-D20希达电子COB小间距LED显示解决方案ISE 2018惊艳登场!



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