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Have you all the way! Cedar Electronics celebrates the tenth anniversary of the Jilin Lighting Society!

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 Ten years of farming, ten years of sweat, ten years of achievement. On January 12, 2018, the 10th Anniversary Celebration of the Jilin Province Lighting Society and the New Trends in Northern City Lighting were held in Changchun. Well-known experts and scholars from all over the country, representatives of lighting enterprises, design institutes and research institutes, leaders of urban construction, municipal, street lamps and lighting departments in cities and counties in the three northeastern provinces, and representatives from more than 200 members of the Jilin Provincial Lighting Society attended the meeting. As a way to join hands with the Jilin Lighting Society, Xida Electronics was invited to attend this event.


 The conference was officially held

 Zhang Shukui, Chairman of the China Lighting Society, Zhang Xiaojun, Minister of the Jilin Provincial Science and Technology Association, Zhou Xiu, Deputy Director of the Jilin Provincial Civil Organizations Administration, and Dong Jianyu, Deputy Director of the Party Committee of the Changchun City Street Light Management Office, delivered speeches. After the speeches of the leaders, Chen Chengzhang, secretary general of the Jilin Province Lighting Society, made a report on the "Review of the Tenth Anniversary Work". In the report, Secretary-General Chen listed the ten-year history of the Jilin Province Lighting Society. "There will be times when the wind and the waves break, and the clouds will sail straight to the sea." After ten years of achievement, it is a new starting point. Secretary-General Chen hopes that under the active guidance of leaders from all walks of life, with the enthusiastic help of experts, scholars and entrepreneurs from other provinces and provinces, the members of the Jilin Province Lighting Society will continue to use their persistence and struggle to open up the next decade and create New brilliant!


 China Lighting Society presents plaque to Jilin Lighting Society


  At the meeting, Cedar Electronic  was awarded the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Jilin Province Lighting Society, the best partner of the Jilin Provincial Lighting Society, and the best sponsor of the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Jilin Provincial Lighting Society. Xi Da Electronics paid for the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Jilin Province Lighting Society, Cedar Electronics Fu Rao, Huang Yaowei and other five people won the "Yellow Lighting" magazine 10th anniversary of the outstanding paper award.


Cedar Electronics booth visited the guests

  In the expert report session, Wang Youjiang, a professor at Shanghai Tongji University, Li Tienan, director of the Architectural Optics Research Office of the China Academy of Building Research, Xiao Hongqing, a professor at the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, and Wang Yang, deputy general manager of Cedar Electronic gave speeches. Dr. Wang Yang, deputy general manager of Changchun Xida Electronic Technology and Co., Ltd., started from the prospects, development status and development direction of LED road lighting market. Detailed description of the development direction of LED road lighting - low color temperature, low color temperature LED wear strong fog, less impact by the environment; low color temperature to improve comfort, driving safety; using LED street lights that are close to the color temperature of sodium lamps to achieve safety A comfortable road light environment will be an inevitable development trend. LED road lighting products achieve breakthrough scientific and reasonable, safe, comfortable and energy-saving road light environment through key technologies such as low color temperature and high light efficiency light source and single light source engine heat dissipation.


 Dr. Wang Yang, Deputy General Manager of Cedar Electronics

  Cedar’s new generation of “single-source, interchangeable, sodium-light LED streetlights” has become the only lighting product in China that won both the top two awards in China’s lighting industry in 2017, namely “Zhongzhao Lighting Award Technology”. At the same time, it was rated as a leading domestic and internationally advanced LED lighting product after being identified by the most authoritative expert group in China.

  The Cedar brand LED display and lighting products are famous brand products of Jilin, which is a bright business card showing Jilin to the world. Letting Jilin go to the world has become the pursuit of all Cedar people.

  All the way to you, full of Huayu glory, hand in hand, look forward to Jilin Lighting Institute to create more glory in the next decade! 




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