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Changchun Cedar Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.
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Changchun Cedar Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

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Cedar Electronics "Single Light Source Interchangeable Sodium Light LED Street Light" won the first prize of the 12th China Light

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 The Zhongzhao Lighting Award is the only public technology award in the Chinese lighting field that was established by the China Lighting Society in 2005 and officially approved by the National Science and Technology Awards Office. In the 12th Zhongzhao Lighting Awards announced by the China Lighting Forum on September 9, Cedar Electronic  (hereinafter referred to as Cedar Electronics) developed the "CD-RL850 series LED street lights" (also known as " A new generation of sodium lamp color LED street lights") with the characteristics of single light source interchangeable, sodium lamp color and other products, won the first prize in the evaluation products, won the first prize of the 12th Zhongzhao Lighting Award - Technology Innovation Award.


 "New generation sodium lamp color LED street lamp" has established its leading position in LED street lamp products with 2200K ultra-low color temperature, 30W ~ 300W independent light engine, precise light distribution, low glare, high uniform illumination, etc. The product has been successfully applied in Beijing, Changchun and other regions have been unanimously recognized by users and widely praised by the public. Since the launch of the “New Generation of Sodium Light LED Street Lights”, all the exhibitions and forums that have been unveiled have become the focus of the whole audience, and are favored by domestic and foreign customers. During the 2017 Light Asia Exhibition, it stood out among more than 200 kinds of lighting products and won another top award in the domestic lighting industry: Aladdin's Light Award - Top Ten Product Awards.


Dr. Wang Yang, deputy general manager of Cedar Electronics, took the stage to receive the award

 Cedar Electronics adheres to the business philosophy of “Technology Leading, Innovative Development, and Industry for the Country”. It is deeply involved in the small-pitch COB display and key technologies and products of high-power lighting. Many core technologies are at the international advanced level and continue to lead the LED industry. Innovative technology routes enable LED display and lighting products to continuously break through the world's technical bottlenecks.

 Cedar Electronics' unique LED lighting and display products, as a famous brand in Jilin, is a beautiful business card showing Jilin to the world. As a small technology giant and a representative of advanced manufacturing in Jilin, Xida Electronics has gradually begun to approach the grand goal of “based on the Northeast, facing the country and illuminating the world!”.






Changchun Cedar Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.