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How to choose LED ceiling light

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LED ceiling light is a rising star in LED lighting, which can help protect human health and environmental protection. At present, a variety of LED ceiling lamps appear on the market, the quality and price are uneven. So, how do we choose LED ceiling lights with reliable quality, energy saving and high cost performance?
1, look at the appearance of the body
See if the lamp body is made of high quality aerospace aluminum. This is the basic criterion for testing whether this LED ceiling light has excellent resistance to strain, corrosion, cracking and discoloration.
2, look at the mask
Look at the mask for high-quality PC materials with high light transmittance. Low light transmittance will affect our vision. Does the material contain lead and mercury-containing harmful substances, whether it is green or not, and whether it has passed the EU ROHS certification. If it is purchased in a physical store, the seller should try to show these documents.
3, check the chip
The high-quality chip has high luminous efficiency, high reliability, long life, uniform illumination, soft light, no glare, no eye injury, safe and reliable. Whether the LED ceiling lamp purchased uses a COB high power chip light source.
4, check the radiator
The radiator is the most important factor affecting the life of the lamp. However, there is a unique fin-type radiator on the market. The aerospace aluminum with high thermal conductivity enables it to dissipate heat through air convection, which is a good heat dissipation effect. A new type of radiator that guarantees the life of the lamp.
5, check the drive power
The high-quality drive power can effectively control the temperature rise, reduce power consumption, and greatly improve the luminous efficiency of the power supply. So look at whether the driver's power supply for the LED ceiling light is high-grade components.
6, look at the reflector
The reflective cup of high-quality vacuum aluminized material has high temperature resistance and high reflective efficiency, which can reduce light loss and significantly improve light efficiency.



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