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Changchun Cedar Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

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China Smart Lighting Network

The 5th China Lighting Engineering Design Forum - Intelligent Lighting Technology and Application in Smart City in the Internet

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  June 29-June 30, 2017, the 5th China Lighting Engineering Design Forum - Intelligent Lighting Technology and Application Forum for Smart Cities in the Internet of Things era was held in Yichang, Hubei. The forum was sponsored by the editorial working committee of China Lighting Society, the Journal of Lighting Engineering Journal, the Intelligent Control Professional Committee of China Lighting Society and the Academic Working Committee of China Lighting Society. Changchun Xida Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Career Optoelectronics Development Co., Ltd. and other co-organizers, more than 80 experts and scholars from municipal and city units, street lamp management centers, universities, research institutes, lighting companies, and Internet of Things companies from all over the country attended the conference.

  Cui Yiping, Hao Luoxi, Xu Hua, Yang Chunyu, Vice Chairman of China Lighting Society, Wang Dayou, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors attended the forum. Gao Fei, Vice Chairman of China Lighting Society, delivered a speech at the forum and expressed sincere views to the guests who participated in the forum. Thanks, I would like to express my gratitude to the relevant companies that support this forum.

第五届中国照明工程设计论坛—— 物联网时代智慧城市的智能照明技术与应用在湖北宜昌举办

 Opening of the conference

  The expert report meeting of the conference was presided over by Prof. Li Nong from Beijing University of Technology. Professor Ye Wei from the Control Department of Zhejiang University, Dr. Zhang Yang from the School of Urban and Public Management of Capital University of Economics and Business, Professor Xiao Hui from Tongji University School of Electronics and Information Engineering, Shanghai Cityscape Landscape Affairs Center Dr. Chen Yu made a wonderful special report, Yang Hao, general manager of the domestic sales department of Changchun Xida Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Tang Guoqing, Semiconductor Lighting Technology and Application Committee of China Lighting Society, Shenzhen Yiyucheng Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. Zhou Wei, Shanghai Wang Gang, general manager of Guanglian Lighting Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Hongli Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. made a wonderful report to Dexiang on new lighting concepts, new products and new technologies. These reports are rich in content and wonderful. The participating experts and scholars spoke enthusiastically and actively exchanged ideas. The academic atmosphere of the venue was strong.

第五届中国照明工程设计论坛—— 物联网时代智慧城市的智能照明技术与应用在湖北宜昌举办

 Expert report

第五届中国照明工程设计论坛—— 物联网时代智慧城市的智能照明技术与应用在湖北宜昌举办

Business report

  Through comprehensive transfer and transformation of many top technologies of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Cedar Electronics finally broke through the technical bottleneck of the industry and took the lead in launching the industry's first sodium-light LED street light. This product attracted the participation with low color temperature and high light efficiency, single light source without virtual shadow. The merchant's stop and consultation, the independent light engine can directly replace the characteristics of the sodium light source, so that the municipal department can carry out energy-saving transformation without replacing the lamp housing, effectively avoiding the unnecessary loss of state-owned assets.

  Gao Fei, vice chairman of the China Lighting Society, and the first group of experts from the National Semiconductor Lighting Project, Tang Guoqing, director of the Semiconductor Lighting Technology and Application Committee of the China Illumination Society, expressed their sincere appreciation and earnest hope for the Cedar electronic sodium LED street light. Deliberately came to the Hida booth to visit and understand.


第五届中国照明工程设计论坛—— 物联网时代智慧城市的智能照明技术与应用在湖北宜昌举办

 Gao Fei, Tang Guoqing, Yang Wei

  The conference, through the reports of various lighting experts, the speeches of elites of enterprises, the display of famous products, the explanation of excellent engineering cases, the communication and communication of participants, from subdivision and integration, technology and demand, research and development and application, hotspots and practices, The future development of China's lighting industry has been discussed in several aspects such as contending and upgrading, and it will play an active and effective role in promoting the healthy development of China's smart lighting in the Internet of Things era. Cedar Electronics hopes to work with industry colleagues to promote the development of smart lighting.

  The Cedar brand LED display and lighting products are famous brand products of Jilin, which is a bright business card showing Jilin to the world. Letting Jilin go to the world has become a new pursuit . Made in Jilin! Based in the Northeast! Facing the country! Illuminating the world!



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