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Changchun Cedar Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

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Spring Festival Spring Cedar ---- Cedar Electronics participated in the 20th Northeast Auto Expo Documentary

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  The spring of Shenyang is the result of the colorful flowers blooming in various small shrubs in the past few days. The spring of Shenyang is a visit from the Northeast Anbo meeting. The applause and the motive of returning to the field are slightly different.

  The 20th Northeast Anbo Fair brings together the elites of the three provinces of Liaoji and Inner Mongolia, and the Hida booth has achieved fruitful results.

  The 20th "Northeast Anbo Fair" ended in Shenyang on April 19, 2018, with a calendar of three days. There are more than 600 exhibitors, the exhibition area is more than 20,000 square meters, the number of booths is nearly 1,000, the professional audience flow reaches 40,000 people, and more than 2,100 related technical products at home and abroad are on display. The organizing committee also invited nearly 1,000 enterprise buyers from Inner Mongolia and Liaoji black provinces to come to visit and purchase, which provided a high-profile and expanded sales for Changchun Xida Electronics' precision display and lighting products in the Northeast. An important platform.

  At this exhibition, Changchun Xida Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has a large booth and prominent position. The booth is located at the intersection of the two main passages. In addition, the design features of the exhibition area are tasteful and the video content is attractive. It attracts a large number of guests to stop. Watch. The reporter is the most sensitive in the sense of smell. When the Xida Electronics booth was in front of the market, it also attracted reporters to come and report.

  This exhibition has accumulated more than 100 prospective customers, 7 on-the-spot customers and 9 street lamp customers.

  Hida 20 years of grinding a sword, Hida proud LED - COB precision display, high-power lighting stunning audience

  This exhibition Changchun Hida Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has made a splash. In the words of a leader of a public security bureau in Shanghai, "It’s really a bright spot here."

  The professors from the Shenyang Artillery Academy came to the booth. When they learned that it was the product of the Changchun Institute of Optics and Mechanics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, they also mentioned the past events with the Institute of Optics and Light and invited us to them. A boss and a four-person from Inner Mongolia Tongliao came to the Hida booth three times in two days. In addition to the merchants in Liaoning, there are a large number of customers in Heilongjiang Jilin and Inner Mongolia.

  Hard work, Hida used 20 years of painstaking research and development, 20 years of grinding a sword. Nowadays, the world's leading COB technology route with independent intellectual property rights listed by the state as the 13th Five-Year Strategic Plan has been formed. The precision display and high-power lighting products are amazing and the visitors are lingering.

  During the “Hyatt” work of the Hida Liaoning team exhibition, the proportion of customers passing the “passenger” transfer was significantly improved.

  In addition to accumulating a large number of customers, this exhibition also experienced the team of Liaoning, enhanced the team's cohesiveness and enhanced the team's confidence in the future of Hida. In the past three days, employees did not sit down except for dinner. They work together and manage their customers in all directions to quickly filter and capture each customer. Wherever there is a need, it is a "trotting" quick follow-up. At the same time, the exhibition was dismantled and completed in the first time.

  From the first day of the morning's incompatibility, to the fluent, focused, and fast delivery to the customer, the information needed to impress the customer. The overall “deduction rate” has been improved, and the proportion of “passing customers” to prospective customers has increased during the limited exhibition period.


春的盛会 春的希达 ----长春希达参加第二十届东北安博会纪实

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春的盛会 春的希达 ----长春希达参加第二十届东北安博会纪实

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春的盛会 春的希达 ----长春希达参加第二十届东北安博会纪实

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