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Integrated Capsulation, Lead the Small Space of LED Display Development
Author: Date:2015-9-24 10:06:10 Visits:
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Nowadays, indoor full color LED display line was monopolized by SMD chips. Regular chips, such as 3528, are almost grown-up after continual improvement for a decade. However, the clearness of regular LED display can’t meet clients’ demands. At the same time, some shortcomings of SMD display limit the popularization and development of SMD LED display.
It’s known that COB is an abbreviation of chip-on-board, a package tech. now COB package tech is applied in lighting lines gradually maturely. AOLADA brought COB tech into LED screen line, opened a new era of LED display. OLADA/Wei Qiaoshun are developing COB LED display, which makes insiders guess—is COB LED display is a trend of future LED display? What are the features of COB LED display to attract LED display companies to R&D COB LED display? Let’s look.
It’s good on waterproof, moisture-proof, ultraviolet-proof if COB LED display was applied outdoors for COB package is putting the glue on PCB. While PPA stands are applied to SMD LED display, thus, it’s bad on waterproof, moisture-proof, ultraviolet-proof. If those problems are not solved well, losing light effect, getting dark, quick attenuation will appears on the SMD LED display.
As insiders know, system heat resistance of traditional SMD packaging is: chips—the glue to stabilize chips—welding points—solder paste—copper foil—insulating layer—al material. However, system heat resistance of COB LED display is: chips—the glue to stabilize chips-al material. Obviously, system heat resistance of COB LED screen is much lower than SMD packaging’s, which expand LED screen if applied COB packaging.
Besides, COB package saves production progress and time, therefore, COB package saves cost.
Some guys consider that COB LED screen will become the king of LED screen.


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