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Changchun Cedar Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.
Add: No.667, Yueda Road, Hi-tech Development Zone, Changchun, China
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Changchun Cedar Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

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Cedar COB LEDs' waterproof, shockproof, static free, anti-oil stain, excellent heat dissipation, wide view angle, signal/power backup etc. features make it invincible for control center, conference, TV, subway, large scale events, education, medical diagnosis, advertising etc. applications. 
World's first outdoor use COB LED display was developed by Cedar in 2007, mass production of 1.25mm fine pitch COB LED started in 2014, new generation flip-chip COB was launched in early 2018, P0.5 will come out in 2019, we have been updating and improving.

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NCD Series - COB - rear maintenance


Product Advantages

  (1) Healthy and Safe

  Adopts high filling factor optical design, more uniform area light which lowers light radiation, eliminates moire and avoids glare effectively, friendly to people’s eyes, suitable for close distance long time view.


    (2) Broadcast Level Color Gamut Quality

  Adopts RGB trichromatic imaging technology, color gamut is 10% wider than NTSC standard, total 281 trillion colors.

     (3) Wide Viewing Angle

  Unique wide viewing angle, almost 180H/180V, no dead angle and no color shift.

      (4) Easy to Maintain and Clean

  COB encapsulation makes the front surface of the display cabinet IP54 protection level, easy to clean.


  2.Technology Advantages

  (1) High Grey Scale

  Adopts PWM grey control technology to realize high grey scale, the images are more smooth, vivid and stratified.

  (2)Power and Signal Hot Backup Technology

  Support bidirectional (two channels) data, whenever one channel has problem, another channel will be started automatically within one frame to keep the display working all the time. Also the location of the problem point will be reported to the main control system. Our system has hot backup function, once a video source has problem, another will work automatically.

    (3Dot-by-Dot Calibration 

Patented on dot by dot calibration, collect and adjust the brightness and chroma to make the uniformity of the whole screen higher than 97%. 

      (4)High Refresh Rate

  Support 3840hz, no scan line, no ghost, image is smooth and stable without blur under camera shot.