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Beijing University of Science and Technology South Road Street Lights


  The South Road of the Beijing Academy of Sciences is the city's secondary road, two-way two-lane road with a width of about 12 meters (including non-motorized roads). 6. The 7.5-meter lamp pole is symmetrically arranged on one side. The distance between the poles is 18-25 meters. The original 250W high-pressure sodium lamp is used for energy-saving renovation with low color temperature and high luminous efficiency 80W and 150W LED street lamps. It is similar to the color temperature of high-pressure sodium lamps and meets the northern region. use. After the transformation, the actual measured data is higher than the "CJJ 45-2015 Urban Road Lighting Design Standards" fast road and main road standard requirements. At the same time, this product adopts single-source LED free-form surface optical design to achieve no need for shadow and low glare to ensure driving safety.

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