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Changchun Cedar Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

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Cedar Electronics COB debut at the US NAB Show

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  The NAB Show is one of the most prestigious exhibitions in the global electronic media industry. It enjoys the international reputation of the "Oscar" reputation of the broadcasting industry, bringing together the world's top broadcast and television equipment manufacturers with strong international influence.

  On April 9-12, 2018, the high-profile NAB American Broadcasting and Television Show was grandly opened in Las Vegas, USA. Cedar Electronics brought COB LED small-pitch products to the American Broadcasting and Television Exhibition. This was followed by ISE Netherlands in February. After the exhibition, Hida once again made a wonderful overseas appearance. Through this exhibition, more people can understand the uniqueness and excellence of Hida and COB products, and take a solid step to enter the international market.


  Cedar system screen NTV series

  In this exhibition, Xida Electronics carries NCD015 LED small pitch products and NTV015 series products of NTV series with a dot pitch of 1.5mm. It adopts COB packaging technology with high reliability, high stability, high definition image quality, wide viewing angle and super high protection. With several advantages, such as sex, HTC's COB display has received great attention and recognition from the audience. In addition, the standard screen series products cover 97 inches to 165 inches, with high brightness and color consistency, no seams, high product reliability, exquisite structure, is the industry's first integrated 3D display function and touch control function. The system screen products can be used in education, medical, high-end business meetings and other fields.


  Video splicing wall provider: Xida Electronics, product: NTV015 series


  Exhibition site

  As the leader of COB small-pitch LED display, Cedar Electronics has accumulated nearly 20 years of technical experience, and its product maturity has gradually been at the leading level in the industry. The national “13th Five-Year” scientific research project – led by small-pitch LED display project The only company that realizes mass production of COB LED display products in enterprises and industries, with the tenet of “Technology Innovation, Service First”, Xida Electronics is committed to creating LED small-pitch display cutting-edge products and dedication to provide customers with high-quality comprehensive solutions.



Changchun Cedar Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.