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Changchun Cedar Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

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Wonderful Cedar COB small pitch display debut in the Netherlands ISE

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  On February 6-9, 2018, Dutch time, the European Professional Audiovisual Equipment and Information System Integration Technology Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as ISE) was held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Hida Electronics brought a number of latest COB display products to Amsterdam. This is another exciting overseas appearance of Hida after the 2017 US INF. It also marks that HTC has officially entered the overseas market and will be compared with the top international display manufacturers. High.

精彩希达 COB 小间距显示屏亮相荷兰ISE

精彩希达 COB 小间距显示屏亮相荷兰ISE

  Cedar Electronics' booth  

  In recent years, with the increasing technical bottleneck of traditional surface-mount display products, the demand for ultra-high-density display has been continuously improved, and customers have become more and more critical in the selection of many products. COB has gradually become the mainstream product in the display market. The unique advantages of surface light source in video conferencing and broadcasting media have become more and more indispensable as the industry deepens.

  As the pioneer of COB display technology in the industry, after years of experience, Hida Electronics has gradually become the industry leader in product maturity. With the country's vigorous promotion in industrial layout and application development, the upstream and downstream industry chain has begun to take shape. The scale and the transformation and strategic transformation of the strategic advanced electronic materials project of the 13th Five-Year National Key Scientific Research Project will completely realize the micro-dense era in which the LED display industry enters the ultra-small pitch.

精彩希达 COB 小间距显示屏亮相荷兰ISE

精彩希达 COB 小间距显示屏亮相荷兰ISE

 The latest WS series and WTV series

  New product concept

  The 16:9 ratio WS series products will display the perfect combination of 1080P video requirements in the control room field. The combination of surface light source and multi-scene application will set a new round of display and control picture standards;

  The aluminum-magnesium alloy cabinet is compact, light and convenient, which fully reflects the extension of the humanized design of the product on the basis of pursuing the perfect picture.

  The superior protection level (IP54) changes the current situation of lamp bead fragile and difficult to clean and maintain in traditional display applications, supplemented by nearly one-million pixel out-of-control rate, fully explaining the COB products in terms of heat dissipation and moisture resistance. The advantages.

  In the 2018 year when COB technology is gradually becoming a prairie, Xida Electronics has undoubtedly been at the forefront of the industry's many manufacturers. The reshuffle of the upstream industry and the infinite expansion of the application side have provided more possibilities and have already passed the technology. Cedar Electronics, the threshold for precipitation and product experience, will be more exciting in the future.



Changchun Cedar Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.