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Innovative Indoor Ultra HD LED Panel Arrives, 118th Canton Fair!
Author:Abner.X Date:2015-10-13 21:19:30 Visits:
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Innovative Indoor Ultra HD LED Panel Arrives, 118th Canton Fair!

Cedar international business team brings newest LED display tech and products to 118th Canton Fair this week in Guangzhou, pitch 1.25mm LED display that is the top one of their on-sale series, and a 47" TV standard LED display panel that is of pitch 1.875mm, both above are manufactured by Cedar's unique patented LED innovative integrated encapsulation display technology, which will provides customers with much more excellent performance than regular SMD led display, especially for monitoring, top conference, TV&broadcasting.

Welcome to booth L06~07,Hall 10.3, we are looking for partners worldwide, recruiting agnets and distributors now, join us!

Welcome to join Cedar, trust us, trust you, for a better future!


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