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LED knowledge
1080P, 4K, 20160P and 8.3MP are frequently used to represent the resolutions of a video.
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1.What does “P” stand for?
720P, 1080P represent the total line number of video pixels, 720P means there are 720 lines of pixels of a video, so does 1080P. The 1080P pixels of a camera are generally 1920 by 1080. “P” is the abbreviation of “Progressive”, meaning scanning line by line. However, interlaced means scanning alternate lines.

2.What does “K” stand for?
2K, 4K represent the total column number of video pixels. For example, 4K means there are about 4000 columns of pixels, either 3840 or 4096 columns of pixels. The 4000P pixels of a camera are generally 3840 by 2160 or 4096 by 2160.

1080P VS. 4K: 

3.What does “MP” stand for?
MP is total pixels of a video, got by “P” by “K”. For example, a 1080P camera’s pixels is 1920 by 1080, that is 2MP.


Which one is used most frequently?
“P” is the last choice. Because “P” means vertical pixel measure, not frequently used in CCTV monitor. The current pixel density is horizontally measured. Therefore, “K” is more significant relatively as horizontal pixel measure, which is very convenient for PPT’s calculation and comparison.
Let’s look at and compare the pictures below:




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