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LED knowledge
FAQ about LED Screen Tech Terms
Author: Date:2015-5-21 10:41:23 Visits:
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1.What is LED?
Abbreviation of Light emitting diode. LED in the screen sectors is defined as LED during the visible spectrum.
2.What is pixel?
The smallest light emitting pixel, same as the meaning of normal computer screen’s.
3.What is the distance between dots?
The distance from the center of one pixel to the center of the other pixel between pixels.
4.What is LED module?
Made of pixels, individual in structure, the smallest unit consisting of any size of LED screen.
5.What is luminance?
LED screen of a square meter releases light intensity, measure unit is cd/㎡.
6.What is the level of luminance?
The luminance of the whole LED screen is adjusted by level manually or automatically
7.What is gray level?
Gray scale means, at the same luminance level, the tech treatment series from the brightest level to least bright level.
8.What is frame frequency?
Frame frequency is the time that the displayed frames on the screen are changed in the unit time.
9.What is refresh frequency?
Refresh frequency is the time is displayed frames are repeated in the unit time.
10.What is contrast?
Divide max brightness of the LED screen by the brightness of background, got the specific value.
11.What is the best view distance?
Just see the whole content on the screen, no color cast. The vertical place is to get clearest image on the LED screen.
12.What is static drive?
To control circuit from the IC output pin to the pixel of the screen by dot-by-dot.
13.What is scanning drive?
To control circuit from the IC output pin to the pixel of the screen by dot-to-column.
14.What is the constant current?
Constant current indicates the stipulated electricity value when constant output is designed under work environment of IC permitting.


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