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LED knowledge
ABC about LED Lighting
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Luminous Flux: point light source or Non point light source releases the energy in unit time, the part of which can be saw by people is luminous flux.
Light intensity: The releasing light object releases luminous flux in the unit three-dimensional angle of the special direction. Unit: cd.
Illumination: Means illuminous flux that the releasing light illuminates the illuminated object. Unit: Lux.
Luminance: The releasing light object releases luminous flux in the unit area of the special direction. Unit: cd.
Lm/w。 Light efficiency: Divide the illuminous flux of the light source to power of the light source. Unit: Lm/w
Color temperature: heat the standard black object to certain temperature, and then the object turns dark red, light red, orange, white, blue gradually. When the light source is the same color as the black object, the absolute temperature of the black object is called the color temperature of the light source.
 Color render index: The degree that the light source presents the illuminated object, unit: Ra. It expresses the object’s color is diverged from the color illuminated by sunlight, which can comprehensively reflect the color feature of the light source.
Light beam angle: On the same plane perpendicular to the center line of light beam, two directions of the light intensity more than 50% causes an angle, which is called light beam angle.
Glare:  There is extreme Luminance object, or strong luminance contrast in the view, making human vision feel uncomfortable, which is called glare.


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