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ABC of How to Maintain Outdoor LED Screen
Author: Date:2015-5-21 10:32:52 Visits:
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How to maintain outdoor LED screens? Environment, air humidity, weather can influence the display effect of LED screen. Before installation, make sure LED screens have anti-wind, anti-shock, load capacities so that LED screens can work well outdoor. Beside pre-installation preparation, Maintaining LED screens is very important after installation to make sure the long lifespan. Details are as follow:
Make sure the power supply stable. Protect the cables well.
Cut off the power supply immediately when it happens, such as strong thunder, strong typhoon and other disaster weather conditions. Turn on the power supply of the LED screen when it turns well.
Forbidden water into internal LED display, forbidden flammable materials and easy electric metals into internal LED screens, avoiding short circuit of the devices and fire.
Cut off the power supply power immediately and contact pro maintain men if there was water in internal LED screen. LED screen can work until it’s dry internal LED screen.
Order of On and Off
On: First turn on the computer and check it works well, and then turn on the LED screen.
Off: Turn off the LED screen, and then so does the computer.
Not allowed to clean the LED screen with the wet cloth directly. Recommended to clean with alcohol cloth or brush and vaccum.
In the plum rains season, LED screen is used once a week. Generally, turn on the led screen at least once in a month.
Regularly check the structure stability and cable security, fix them in time if the damages happen.
Don’t cut off the power randomly, nor off or on the power supply frequently in case of electric impact damage. Avoid oversized current, overheating cables, LED chips damage, so that those influence the lifespan of LED screen. Only tech men and engineers dismantle and install the LED screen.
The relative devices, such as computer, should arranged the air condition, clean room. Thus the computer and other device can work well.
Only pro tech men examine and repair internal lines of LED screen.
When the summer is coming, check heat dissipation device in the LED screen, such as air condition, fan, make sure the LED screen can work well at the permitted temperature.


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